Mineworx announces results from Pilot Plant testing

Edmonton, AB, Canada – August 16, 2022Mineworx Technologies Ltd., (the “Corporation” or “Mineworx“) (TSXV: MWX) (OTCQB: MWXRF) (FSE: YRS WKN: A2DSW3) is pleased to announce results achieved by the pilot plant and laboratory programs.

The dedicated research team has been able to utilize the pilot plant to replicate the results obtained in the laboratory testing at an operational scale. Through this program process modifications have been implemented that effectively eliminated the creation of blockages from crystal development and increase the recovery of platinum and palladium during the leaching process to over 95% while continuing to achieve the projected processing costs.  Test results were independently verified by external third-party laboratories to ensure accuracy of the results.

The testing program provided the optimal configuration for the processing of various qualities of feedstock. In general terms feedstock is classified into three grades: High, Mid, and Low. The grades are determined by the amount of combined platinum and palladium measured in grams per tonne (gpt). High-grade has above 2,000 gpt, Mid-grade has approximately 1,000 gpt, and Low-grade has approximately 400 gpt.

Greg Pendura, President, and CEO stated “The pilot plant has provided us the required results to move the Catalytic Converter project forward towards commercialization, these results should be viewed extremely positively by everyone associated with Mineworx. In discussions with our partner, Davis Recycling, the initial focus for the commercial plant will be to process Low grade feedstock due to the current favorable market conditions associated with these materials. The current testing program utilizing the pilot plant will provide additional information to maximize recovery of Low-grade feedstock in the commercial operation of our eco-friendly System.”

About Regenx

Regenx is positioned for growth in the CleanTech sector through the development and commercialization of its environmentally friendly processing technologies for the recovery of precious metals.

Initial focus is the extraction of platinum and palladium from diesel catalytic converters with its partner Davis Recycling Inc.
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Greg Pendura

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