Mineworx Relocates Pilot Plant

Edmonton, AB, Canada – October 13, 2021 – Mineworx Technologies Ltd., (the “Company” or “Mineworx”) (TSXV: MWX) (OTCQB: MWXRF) (FSE: YRS WKN: A2DSW3) is pleased to announce that the 100L pilot plant has been disassembled, loaded and has been trucked to Tennessee to begin Process Optimization, the next phase of testing protocols.

The Mineworx team has successfully completed Stage 3 (Baseline) of the testing plan. During this testing phase all system processes were tested with the full chemistry and various feedstocks containing platinum and palladium and the results were consistent with anticipated expectations.

Once the 100L pilot plant arrives and is reassembled Stage 4 (Process Optimization), of the testing plan will commence. The goal of Stage 4 is to review the current design under increasing thru put volumes to identify operational issues and system bottlenecks that could result in inefficiencies in a commercial scale plant. This testing will provide information on design modifications that will need to be incorporated into the final design of the commercial scale plant. It is expected that Stage 4 testing will commence at the beginning of November 2021.

In addition to providing design information for the commercial scale plant the pilot plant will be utilized as a testing platform from which the Company can continue its work on optimizing the technology through various chemistries and processes. It is anticipated in the role of a testing platform the pilot plant will continue to add value to the Company even after the commercial plant has been constructed and commissioned.
Greg Pendura, Mineworx President and CEO stated, “the entire company is pleased that we have successfully achieved this crucial development milestone and look forward to the successful completion of our pre commercial phase of testing protocols in Tennessee. The opportunity to become a leader in this industry is an exciting opportunity for our stakeholders.”

About Regenx

Regenx is positioned for growth in the CleanTech sector through the development and commercialization of its environmentally friendly processing technologies for the recovery of precious metals.

Initial focus is the extraction of platinum and palladium from diesel catalytic converters with its partner Davis Recycling Inc.
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Greg Pendura

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