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Commissioning is on Track

Regenx has successfully completed stage 1 of the commissioning process, which involved rigorous operational testing. In this stage all the components have been inspected and have completed their initial start-up procedures. After the initial start-up
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April 2023

We recently announced the opening of our first facility in Greeneville, Tennessee. For the recent followers to our story, Regenx specializes in the extraction of precious metals from end-of-life products using an environmentally safe technology.
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June 2022

Management spent the first week of June in Johnson City, Tennessee with the Davis Recycling team. Everyone is excited as the teams work together in moving the project towards a commercial production reality. COVID travel restrictions and protocols...
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December 2021

2021 has been a year of transition and significant headway for Mineworx. The company was able to take test tube scale research and turn it into a fully functional 100L pilot plant in less than a year! This path has not been as smooth as we would...
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April 2022 Webinar

Attendance was excellent for our recent webinar on April 11. The primary purpose of the call was to introduce the Iron Bull Mining team and give a brief update on current corporate events but unfortunately due to some technical glitches the...
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February 2022

2022 promises to be a significant year as we reach key milestones and formulate our new corporate identity. Positioning ourselves strongly in the Clean Tech space will be extremely beneficial for the Company in the future and will allow us better...
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